Tuesday, March 8, 2011

"Why can't we just kill the rednecks?"

One of the things I enjoy about having a blog is being able to see the search phrases that people are using when they find me. The aforementioned is my favorite so far.

Apparently, someone wants to kill us. Why can't they? Because they'd starve to death and they'd never have a functioning automobile, among other things we're good for. Sorry, city slicker.

In other news, I tried my hand at a few more calls last night... made a normal-sized one and a little bastard I've already nicknamed "Skeeter". Didn't finish buildin 'em till almost 11, so I couldn't run 'em once I got in the house where the chalk is. Hopin' to get the few pieces of hardware that I need and get 'em somewhat funtional this evenin'. I didn't put a finish on 'em this time around... if I get one that sounds good, I might try to decorate it a bit. I'll let ya know how it goes. I also got Dad's buck mounted up to the plaque, so that's done as well.

Gettin' the soundboards glued in.
The finished calls, with the one I did over the weekend.


Illegal Download of the Post

MTV ain't good for much... never has been (in my lifetime), and prolly never will be. But some of their Unplugged shows back in the day were just phenomenal. The AIC show is definitely one of my favorites, so after ya watch this one, watch the rests of 'em.

Song: Rooster
Artist: Alice In Chains
Album: MTV Unplugged (1996)

Y'all take care, now.


  1. Please die of aids.

  2. See, that's the thing. We ain't pluggin' free-sexin' city-fied dudes in the ass at astoundin' rates like you are. Nor are we bingin' on crackpipes and heroine needles and other such stuff like you are. Our chances of contractin' that kinda crazy shit are slim to none.

    I reckon I'll just have to die of a heart attack after a wild dalliance with your fat alcoholic mother, who obviously conceived you on a pool table durin' a bender with a travelin' snake-oil salesman, then huffed paint fumes and smothered herself in wine durin' your miserable pregnancy.

  3. there are country people, and then there are rednecks..and i really wish country people would stop using the label redneck..a redneck is a disgrace to the white white piece of trash. they are no different than inner-city white trash...the only difference is big tires, skoal rather than a smoke, one fucks pigs, the other fucks teenagers.

  4. I hope somebody DOES kill you, faggot. Rednecks are plague. If your truck's decibel level is higher than your I.Q., sterilize yourself so that future generations don't have to suffer your inbred DNA.