Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The day the music died

This ran in our local rag on Saturday, although I couldn't find it on the website.

Good read, and I do agree. Even though I've been doin' the digital music thing for as long as it's been around, I still remember when I was just a kid, goin' to the store to pick up the newest cassette or CD that I wanted. The first thing I'd do once I got the tape or disc in the player would be to check out the artwork and go through the notes. I was always disappointed when there was nothin' to read. Every now and again I'll still buy a CD just for the album art.

Even better would be the hours I'd spend by the ol' family stereo, lookin' through Mom and Dad's old stacks of vinyl albums. I loved the artwork in particular (except for the one Twisted Sister album that about made me yonk). I'd sit there for hours, playin' the old albums and readin' the notes.

Good times are not forgotten.

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