Friday, March 18, 2011


It's official.... the first nice day of the year is here. 77° and not a cloud in the sky. Just took a walk around the block over lunch, which was a bad idea because I'm sweatin' my nuts off now.

I gotta git my damn bikes fixed, pronto!

I was finally gonna buck up and git myself a case of Guinness, but after walkin' around outside I'm purty much in the mood for some Sunshine Pils.


Tomorrow night, Jess and I are headin' up to Lewisberry for a Turkey Huntin' seminar... as if I need to throw anymore gas on the fire. Lookin' forward to a great time with some good folks, and we might pick up a trick or two to throw at them wily bastards.

And, if all goes accordin' to plan, I'll have a few hours this weekend to head out to the shop and pick away at some turkey calls. Really lookin' forward to gettin' some more built.


Illegal Download of the Post

There's a lotta good folks makin' music in Texas... Jerry Jeff is prolly my favorite. And he's been doin' it a long, long time so he's purty good at it. This is just one of many great songs he's written.

Song: Pickup Truck Song
Artist: Jerry Jeff Walker
Album: Live at Gruene Hall (1989)

Y'all take care, now.


  1. Jerry Jeff kicks ass....and who was presenting the turkey hunting seminar....I could use the advice...

  2. The guy's name is Travis Bowman... He graduated from WVU with a B.S. in Fish and Wildlife management and has worked in the field ever since. From the sounds of it, he kills more turkeys than avian flu:) It was a small seminar, but good info.