Friday, March 25, 2011


I occasionally get e-mails from Ron concerning the exploits of his buddy Wade and his merry band of coyote hunters. This is prolly the coolest one I've gotten to date...

We went out in the fresh snow Thursday found some coyote and cat tracks. Put the hounds on the coyote track and they come out with this. Once it treed the hounds didn’t know what to do but to keep searching. While Bruce and I where admiring the cat we heard Rocky coming hard and looked over and there went a coyote by with Rocky on it. He and Cozy run the one while Breeze ran the other Coyote. So with in 10 minutes we saw a cat and a coyote and have a split chase. We didn’t get either coyote but Life is Good!!

How nifty would that be to see... and to be able to snap a few pictures like this. Wow!

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