Monday, May 2, 2011

The beast is dead; long live the beast!

What a mornin' for the Full Strut camp!

The first Monday of the season has always been very good to us, and this year was no exception.

After havin' a lot of action on Saturday, Wade decided that he and Matt were gonna head back to the same spot this mornin'. I didn't get the full story, but from what I could tell, they set up on different sides of the field to cover more ground. Some birds came out to the field at first light and headed toward Matt. Even though the one was a slammer, he let 'em walk because they were headin' toward Wade. Wade's shot a few jakes, but never a longbeard, so Matt wanted him to have first crack.

Well anyway, the big boy hung up, and when another nice bird gave Matt a shot, he gave him the ol' dirt nap.

After a few phone calls (one to yours truly), and some pictures, they decided to head back to camp to grab a bite and think of another plan. Before they got out of the field though, another bird fired off a few gobbles within a few hundred yards of the field. They quickly set back up and Wade, who is an exceptional caller, fired up his Zink and went to work. Finally, a longbeard, jake and a hen came into the field, and Wade's Benelli barked and he had his first longbeard. Matt managed to get Wade's bird on video, so when I get my fingers on that, you'll see it.

Not only did I get an awesome wake-up call, but to get another one 45 minutes later was friggin' amazin'. I'm still grinnin' like a bastard... just tickled pink that two of my best friends managed to double up!

Matt's bird - 20lbs, 1" Spurs, 9.5" Beard

Wade's bird - 20lbs, 15/16" Spurs, 8.5" Beard
A fine pair of Bradford County gobblers!

Damn, I love spring turkey huntin'!

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