Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Wade smokes another one!

After hearin' a buncha gobblers bellowin' yesterday evening close to Ron's house, Wade decided to set up on one of our newer properties. After phone-conferencin' with me over maps last night, he had his game plan in place.

Worked like a charm. Right after fly-down, two jakes walked straight to his decoy, passin' within five yards of him in the process. He dropped the hammer on the bigger of the two, and my wake-up phone call came at 6:23 this mornin'. I don't normally like gettin' interrupted whilst gettin' my beauty sleep, but I love wakin' up to hear a gobbler wingin' his death throes and an excited buddy on the other end of the line!

Good job, Wade... reckon you're designated guide and camp bitch for the rest of the season. Tagged out on the third day!

Wade's second bird - 17.5lbs, 1/4" Spurs, 4.5" Beard
Hell yeah - three in the freezer for Full Strut!


Illegal Download of the Post

DBT is definitely one of my favorite bands, but their songs pretty much have three moods... depressed, hilarious or pissed. This one's a delightful cross between pissed and hilarious, which is why I like it.

Song: Buttholeville
Artist: Drive By Truckers
Album: Gangstabilly (2005)

Y'all take care, now.

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