Friday, May 6, 2011

Upgraded my huntin' rig

Is there anythin' this bike can't do?

Took her out for the maiden voyage yesterday, made a few changes and now she's ready to go. After takin' her out again this mornin', I see no other changes that need to be made.

The gun case is attached to a 1" metal tube that can be removed from its mounts by removing a lock and a cotter pin. The bags and gun mount can be stripped in less than five minutes, and re-installed in about the same.

Total investment for mods, saddlebags, gun case and mount is around $300 ($200 for the three bags, which I woulda bought anyway). Also includes the case of beer I bought the guy that did the weldin' for me, since I'm sure that he drank at least that while he was workin' on it for me. If fuel stays at or near its jacked up, bullshit price, it'll pay for itself rather quickly at an average of 48mpg.

My huntin' pack fits perfectly in one saddlebag, and any clothing that I'm not already wearing fits in the other. Anythin' else can go in the tailbag or get strapped on top. Realistically, the only kind of huntin' I can't do with it is archery. I sure ain't skeered to strap a bagged-up quartered deer on the back.

Makes traveling 3-1/2 hours to my happy huntin' grounds sting a little less, and it's a lot more entertainin'.

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