Sunday, May 15, 2011

Close, but no cigar

Good to see Blogger is awake and alive, unlike last time I tried to post.

So, no luck yet again in Bradford County, although seemed like everyone had a pretty close call.

Mike and I were on our own for the day. Nothin' was shakin' at our mornin' spots, so we got back together and headed up to the honey hole. Sure 'nuff, about a half hour after we sat down, there was a big ol' longbeard in the field. He was gimpy and not movin' around real well, but the first few times I called, he'd hammer right back. I thought fer sure we had 'im, but he hung up about 100 yards away, and then seemed to lose interest.

Sometimes I hate them notional bastards.

Got Mike pretty excited though, and I got some great footage. Not sure which I'm more excited about, cuz I love to be sittin' with people when the turkeys set the hook on them!

I took the day off tomorrow, when the all-day portion on the season starts, so I'll be back at 'er. Should have some video posted for ya on Tuesday when I get back to work.

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