Friday, May 27, 2011

A real frog-gagger

Been awhile since I rode through anythin' like I did yesterday.

A few years ago, on the way to one of Hoagy's rides out in Ohio, I got caught up in what the weather guys call "tornadic activity". Lightnin' out the wazoo, blindin' rain and hail blowin' sideways, dark skies, shitty visibility, the whole nine yards.

Well, this junk yesterday wasn't much better.

My little bro had a baseball game yesterday about 30 miles from home. They're in the playoffs and he's a senior, so any game could potentially be his last in a Colonials uniform. Not really somethin' that I want to miss, so I hemmed and hawed in front of the radar for a while, finally said "fuck it", and off I went, hopin' that the storm would keep on its current path and go north of us.

Guess what? It didn't.

I snapped a few pictures of the sky over the school just before the real shit hit, although it hardly does it justice...

Freaky, freaky lookin' sky and all kindsa swirlin' winds. Wound up havin' to do the ol' tornado drill at the school. I think we actually had a few touch down in the area. I realize that in some parts of the country, this is the norm, but we don't get too many tornado warnin's up in these parts. Waited for it to slow down just a bit, then jumped on the V-Star and went home. Had a phenomenal light show goin' down the road, as the lightnin' was still strikin' about every three-five seconds around me.

I've always enjoyed watchin' Mama Nature when she's pissed, so it was all kinda fun to me. Didn't see a single pitch, but well worth the $5 in fuel burnt to be a part of that.

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