Monday, May 23, 2011

Macho Man Randy Savage gave his life for all of us...

It's true. Macho Man saved us from the Rature.


In other news, the ol' man finally quit missin' long enough to slay a gobbler on Saturday. He quit screwin' around with the Mossberg and busted out the ol' Browing 10-gauge. Laid 'im out flat at 40 yards... with an improved-cylinder choke, no less.

Dad's bird - 16.5lbs, 1/2" Spurs, 5" Beard
That makes five for us so far this year, with eight days left to hunt. Hopefully we'll get into them again this weekend, and I might try to head out a few times around home durin' the week.


Illegal Download of the Post

A little bit of older new rock for ya today. I jammed out to this song a lot when it first came out, and it's still pretty badass. The whole album ain't too bad if ya get a chance to check it out.

Song: Hero
Artist: Pop Evil
Album: Lipstick on the Mirror (2008)

Y'all take care, now.

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