Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 10 - My first Merriam turkey

Laid-back day today. Slept in a bit, got my mulie head skinned out, took a nap, all that fun stuff. Ron and Karl were both done huntin' so Karl spent the day nappin' and Ron spent the day with Pete Dube, the owner of Bear Track, helpin' at the ranch.

Bill and I got to spend the evenin' with another guide, Roman... Talk about a wild-ass, and a helluva hunter and a quality guide to boot.

As soon as we got to the ranch, we saw a lone jake feedin' in the same field we shot at 'em in yesterday. We made a quick stalk and I whacked him with Ron's .223 Remington. Not quite the luster of smokin' a spring bird, but I was quite pleased with my first Merriam bird. Gives me a little more resolve to get out here in the spring and call in an ol' longbeard someday.

We cleaned the bird up and then headed to the field where I killed my doe yesterday to fill Uncle Bill's last tag. The deer were out by then, so we made another stalk. Bill missed his first shot, but more came out about a half hour later and he put a young doe down, so he's tagged out now as well. His friends, Bill Sr. and Jr., also both got doe antelope and Jr. got a doe mulie, so Sr. has a doe tag left.

Roman and I will hit that field again in the mornin' to try to fill my last doe tag. Then we start packin' for the trip home and enjoy our last day of vacation.

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