Saturday, October 8, 2011

Day 7 - First day success!

Ron got his turkey, Karl got a beautiful mule deer buck, and Uncle Bill's friend, Bill Jr., also got a beautiful old mulie.
Ron's Merriam longbeard

Bill Jr.'s old, wide mulie
Uncle Bill and I had a great day, but no shootin' for us. We saw hundreds of antelope and made a few good stalks, but just couldn't seal the deal. Had the crosshairs on a shooter, but he gave me only a few seconds to shoot, and between me shakin' and the stiff wind, couldn't get a good shot so I held off. Didn't expect to get buck fever that bad... Whatta rush!

The weather was a little sketchy today and some productive roads were impassible. It'll be real nice the rest of the week though, so the huntin' will only get better.

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