Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day 4 - Things every American should see

Today was insane.

We left Murdow, SD early this mornin' with a long day ahead of us.

After breakfast at a lil' hole in the wall diner with surprisingly good food, we headed off for the Badlands. We spent a few hours tourin' around there. The highlight there, aside from the amazin' sights of course, was spottin' a group of Bighorn Sheep. None of them were big rams, but they aren't often seen so that was purty neat.

After that, we headed off to see the Crazy Horse memorial. I'll be lucky if it gets completed in my lifetime, but it was awesome to finally see it in person. If we had the time, I easily coulda gotten lost in the museum and visitor's center for a long time... Lotta cool stuff in there.

Next was Mt. Rushmore. I gotta tell ya, it should be impossible for any American to set foot near there without gettin' the chills. Just awe-inspirin' to see somethin' like that and learn about it in the visitor's center... Nothin' else like it.

We also did a drive-by of Devil's Tower, stopped at the bustling metropolis of Spotted Horse (pop. 2) and had a beer with the locals, and saw plenty of critters along the way.

A fantastic day, and I'm happy to lay my head down in Buffalo, Wyoming at long last. We'll check into the lodge at Bear Track Outfitters tomorrow afternoon, and who knows what else we'll get into.

Bighorn Sheep at the Badlands

Crazy Horse Memorial

Mount Rushmore

Every biker's Mecca

Some of the first antelope seen on the trip

Devil's Tower


  1. Sweet! Mt. Rushmore is definitely on my "to do" list before I'm 6 ft. under and pushing daisies...

    ...and Sturgis!

  2. Hope you can make the Buffalo Bill museum in Cody is tremendous.