Friday, October 28, 2011


Holy duckfuck Kerrcarto, why didn't you tell me about these fuckin' guys earlier?!?

I'm gonna have to work on aquirin' more of this shit!!!!


The weatherman (who apparently gits his rocks off lyin' to me) has predicted a late October snowstorm that should give us six-eight inches (that's what she said). Hopefully it's just a lie... I'm all about snow, but I'd prefer that the ground be a bit drier beforehand. It's so damn wet from all the rain the last two months that the alot of the area corn has yet to be harvested... there's new sprouts growin' outta the ears that are still standin'. Crazy shit.

Either way, I'm gonna be out and about so I'll hope for the best. I'm plannin' on gittin' up a deer stand tomorrow evenin' before the Halloween festivities.... love me some deer huntin' in the snow.

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