Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day 9 - Whackin' and Stackin'

Put some serious meat on the pole today!

Our guide, T.J., wasted no time this mornin'... Uncle Bill dropped a beautiful 4x4 mulie with eyeguards and kickers on each side just before 8am. By 10am, I had a beautiful antelope down and we were headed back to the lodge.

On the way out, we joined up with Ron, Karl and their guide, Scrawny. Karl had whacked a wide, tall antelope just after I got mine and we were both headed to the lodge. On the way out, we found a nice doe antelope and Uncle Bill punched another tag.

After hangin' out at the lodge for a bit, Scrawny decided it was time to go "Whackin' and Stackin!" We headed to a nearby ranch that has a problem with the whitetail population and did some work. Ron filled both of his doe tags, and I took out a nice big doe as well. We also had a few good turkey stalks while we were there. I did a buncha missin', but Uncle Bill managed to drop a young jake.

We've just had a blast huntin' with these guides out here. T.J. has been awesome. He's been very patient with me, and I've learned a lot from him the last few days. The best part is it's just like huntin' with one of my good huntin' buddies back home. Ron and Karl have hunted with Scrawny on previous trips, and I know they have a blast. I'm gonna miss these guys when we have to head home.

Came back to the lodge to see that Uncle Bill's friend, Bill Sr., also got a dandy mule deer buck.
All our buck tags are filled now, so we get to fill our remainin' doe tags at a little more relaxed pace.
Karl's wide antelope buck

Uncle Bill and I with our awesome guide, TJ

Uncle Bill's mulie buck with awesome kickers

My first antelope

TJ and Uncle Bill with his Merriam jake

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