Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Go O's

At risk of jinxin' the whole thing, the Baltimorons are 4-0 for the first time since '97, which I'm thinkin' was also their last winnin' season. It's purty excitin' to be an O's fan for the first time in a long time. My older brother Jesse and several buddies were at Camden Yards for openin' day yesterday. With the team's recent resurgence and a warm, sunny day, I was kinda jealous that I wasn't there with 'em.

With the shitstorm rainin' down on the NFL, I'm gonna try my best to be a better baseball fan this year. I played 'till I was 16 and always enjoyed the game. I just never learned how to hit a curveball, so that purty much nixed my career. Both of my brothers play ball though, and I enjoy tryin' to catch as many of their games as I can. Joe's in his senior season of high school ball, so I'm really lookin' forward to seein' how he and his teammates follow up an excellent year last year. Jess plays with a competitive adult league, so those games are fun to catch as well.


  1. I played ball until I was 15. I absolutely loved it! When I look back on it now, I see it as just as much of a confidence builder for me as a kid as I do a game. I don't know why I ever stopped playing.

    The NFL has become a complete joke. I noticed it's decline probably 20 years ago when players were wearing their team caps on the sidelines with the tags still on them as a fashion statement, and "Neon Deon" was all over the media and idolized by the 'inner city' kids for being the arrogant flashy nigger that he is. (*)

    The NFL has fallen into the same bottomless sewer as the classless NBA as far as I'm concerned. I can't even watch a little bit of it. What once was surrounded with men of honesty, humility and character is now overwhelmed with deviance, arrogance and gangsta bling. Everywhere you look. I can't take it anymore.

    I found myself getting back into baseball a couple years ago. Even more so last year. I guess it helped that the Padres were in contention again last year. Of course, they threw it all away at the last second like they always do. Either way though, I'll take 9 innings over 4 quarters any day of the week.

    (*)Disclaimer: "Nigger" is not a word I just indiscriminately throw around like Chris Rock or Snoop Dog would. I reserve it's use for times when no other word is adequate enough to describe someone's attitude or disposition. It has nothing to do with race or color of skin. There are niggers in every race, and of every color I can possibly think of.

  2. I sometimes hate the fact that I like the game of football so much, 'cuz you just summed up everything that pisses me off about it.

    And Deon can still eat shit. Never did like that cocky sumbitch.

    And I'll probably steal your disclaimer somewhere along the line. Pretty much sums up my thoughts on that too.