Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Spheres? Really?

What a steamin' pile of bullshit. Seriously.

There's barely anythin' Christian about most Easter activities anymore, anyway. Why bother with a name change? I'm not the most religious dude out there (obviously) and I understand the need for separation of church and state, but ya gotta draw a line somewhere. The word "Easter" itself isn't even derived from Christian religion, but comes from some chick who apparently liked havin' sex on the beach at sunrise in the springtime....

Word Origin & History - Easter
O.E. Eastre  (Northumbrian Eostre), from P.Gmc. *Austron,  a goddess of fertility and sunrise whose feast was celebrated at the spring equinox, from *austra-,  from PIE *aus-  "to shine" (especially of the dawn). Bede says Anglo-Saxon Christians adopted her name and many of the celebratory practices for their Mass of Christ's resurrection. Ultimately related to east. Almost all neighboring languages use a variant of Latin Pasche  to name this holiday.

Do these fuckin' PC people really go to bed at night and not feel like complete retards? Who thinks this shit up?

Oh yeah.... these guys.

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