Monday, April 25, 2011

Youth Hunt Washout

So any day huntin' with kids is never a bust, but we sure as hell coulda done with some better weather.

It was overcast and mistin' when we parked, so we went ahead and hauled our ashes the whole way up the side of the mountain. Two minutes after we sat down, the heavens opened up and we all got sufficiently drenched. T'was a duckfest.

We saw a group of jakes on the way out, so we tried to set up on 'em. Unfortunately, they beat us to the field edge and we bumped 'em as we were gettin' into position.

By that time, the rain subsided and the encounter with the jakes had renewed the boys' enthusiasm, so we went up another hill and set up in a known feeding area and strut zone for a bit. Saw six deer which was very cool, but no turkeys. After a while, the one boy started shiverin' and the breeze picked up, so we called it a day and headed to the woodstove and breakfast.

I'll have a few pictures, hopefully tomorrow,  but I'm lettin' my cameras get good and dry before I even think about powerin' them on.

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