Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekend with the family

Every April and October, we get together with my ol' man's side of the family at a big ol' huntin' cabin in Orrtanna. Now, there are downsides to this kinda activity... the upstairs area sleeps over 20 people in an open loft, many of which who snore and/or fart... loudly. There's a lot of rambunctious children runnin' all over the place, and there ain't no runnin' water so no flushin' shitter or showers.

But on the good side of things, there's a lot of really good, fun people gettin' together, and a lot of 'em know how to cook. You're pretty much guaranteed great food and some good yarns bein' told around the fireplace. Someone always brings liquid refreshment and/or other medications, so the adults are always in a good mood. There's a crick runnin' about 150 yards away, and that keeps the kids entertained for hours. There's about a hundred acres of woods around that's filled with trails and critters. There's a nice big yard there too, so you can throw around the football or set up cornhole boards or whatever. Also a range out back, so bringin' guns and plenty of ammo is usually a given.

Since I got my hands on a dual sport, though, my favorite part of the cabin (aside from gobblin' turkeys) is the close proximity to Michaux State Forest, along with its plethora of rideable trails. I try to stay where I'm supposed to, but sometimes I git sidetracked.

I took it pretty easy this weekend though, since I was ridin' by myself and I have no desire to bang up my body, or the bike that is currently my only method of transportation. I still had a great time though... dusted about 100 miles of trails and state roads, and found a few gems, too. This was one of 'em.

Of course, I had to climb that big-ass rock just to get a better view, which was a fantastic idea. Not only was the view excellent, there was a big ol' struttin' gobbler at the bottom of the hill on the same gasline.

I did hear gobblers both Saturday and Sunday morning... made my weekend that much better.

And probably best of all is the lack of cell phone coverage... no callin' or textin' or facebookin' to distract everyone from havin' a good time. My phone became a camera for the weekend, which suited me just fine.


Illegal Download of the Post

These guys throw down some pretty decent music. Not the best, mind ya, but they're one of the better of the newer groups. Their new stuff is pretty solid, but I picked out an older one for ya today.

Song: March of War
Artist: Nonpoint
Album: Vengeance (2007)

Y'all take care, now.


  1. That sounds like a damn good time for all...

  2. Gotta love the dual sport! I sold my XR600L a couple years ago to pay off some hefty debt, and that was a big mistake.

    Sure, I'm out of debt now, but I really miss taking off on rides with no predetermined destination on some random mellow Sunday. Just cruisin'.

    Of course, with gas floating around $4.19/gal locally, having a bike now would be an even bigger bonus.

  3. Damn son... we're at $3.79 here and that's bad enough. It's great to go cruisin' on though; there's not too many places that bike can't go, and I'm never sure where I'll end up.

    I'm riggin' up my ride to I can use it to go huntin'... pictures to follow in a few weeks.