Friday, April 1, 2011

Here Fishy Fishy

Tomorrow mornin' at 8am, hundreds of thousands of worms, rooster tails and powerbait jigs will be hurled mercilessly into Pennsyltucky's streams, bringing in the last remaining obstacle before turkey season.

Yessir, folks... trout season is here.

I'm not much of a fishin' guy, but I'll do my brotherly duty and show up at the stream to throw worms at dumb, fishery-raised trout with Dad and my brothers. Maybe I'll git lucky and catch a few while I'm at it.

Don't git me wrong. I like to fish every now and again. I really enjoy the steelhead fishin' in Erie with the ol' man and my brothers, although we ain't gone for a few years now. Love goin' over to the other side of the island up at the cottage and yankin' out catfish right at dusk. But gimme the choice between huntin' and fishin', I'm headin' to the woods every time.

But I'll show up, take a few pictures, catch a few fish and have a good time.


I'll be spendin' the rest of the weekend up at the cabin in Orrtanna with the extended Murren and Sprenkle families. Not sure what kinda trouble I'll get into up there.

Oh yeah, and baseball as I know it starts tonight. Go O's!! Let's see if we can't get over .500 this year, shall we?

Y'all have a good weekend, now.

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