Friday, April 29, 2011

A Royal Pain in the Ass

It would appear that 235 years later, there are many Americans still under England's rule.

Anybody else got the shits of this "royal wedding" yet?

My buddy The Southpaw weighs in....

I'm awful fond of my woman, but she watches the Access Hollywood bullshit and she was sucked in by the whole hitchin'. It just amazes me how many people are creamin' their jeans over this shit.

• • •

The PA Spring Gobbler opener is tomorrow, and none too soon. Some of my buddies are already headed to camp... all my shit's packed, and as soon as I get home from work I'm pickin' up my buddy County Bitch and we'll be in the wind.

I have a game plan, but nine times outta 10 that winds up getting changed after the scouts get back Friday afternoon. Either way, we'll be set up as best we can to get some birds.

Hopefully we'll have some pictures and maybe some video on Monday for ya!

Sweet Jesus... I've been waitin' for this since the last day of deer season back in January!


  1. I liked the Royal wedding coverage only because the New Princess is HOT and has a HOT sister and tons of hot friends who were all given good air time on the broadcast...

  2. That was indeed a light in the darkness. I didn't watch any of it but I saw a few pictures! Pretty sure there's actually a facebook group dedicated to her sister's ass...